We don’t choose you.
We let YOU choose us.

We hire your skills, not you.

You choose our ethics, not us.

Skills, attitude, ethics and loyalty – are the characteristics we expect to be present in our employees. Our first screening process is literally based on how truly the candidate has presented oneself just on a couple of resume pages.
At JCD we hire differently, with an out-of-the-norm hiring process. We have a set of self-assessment tools that let our candidates assess if the position, the company and the industry fits their career objectives before they choose to be hired. Yes, we let the employers choose us instead of us choosing them.
Why we adopted this methodology?
Simply because we believe that no job can be well done without loving what you do.

If the food industry interests you,
If you are a people person,
If you like challenges,
If you love to learn and grow,
Then, you are at the right door.

Find out if we have what it takes to bring you closer to your objectives.


It is a conscious act – one always reaches where one wants to be. If we hire your skills, we know we have found what we want. If you hire our ethics, you should know it is what you want.


Growth is evolving. What evolves, grows. What grows, brings results. When you sow your time, experience and skills to help us grow, we become obliged to help you reap your growth.


Change is inevitable – change is the essence of life. We promote positive changes in the work environment that can lead you to perform your best. In return, we only expect your loyalty.

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